Fan Fiction Stories

“how dare you try and betray me”

“I am sorry, they said no one would get hurt”

“Who said that???”

“I don’t know, they said they only wanted your blood. If we drained you, and gave them your blood we will still be protected under the magic and you would not feel no pain”

“hmmph and you believed them. You all betrayed me. The pack that I helped started. Betrayed me for what. Never-ending protection, power??”

“I am sorry Jazmin. We just wanted to live in peace and not have to worry about rogue attacks and wars”

Jazmin patience was wearing thin. The hand that she had around his throat was getting tighter. Her claws were coming out and her wolf was dying to resurface again. It took a lot to try and contain her wolf moments ago and know because of his answers her wolf was clawing to come out. Jazmin looked around at the destruction around her. The packhouse that she once loved covered in the packs blood. Bodies everywhere ripped to shreds and those that were not ripped to shreds barely recognizable from the torture her wolf gave them.

“Jazmine please spare me” his cries snapped her back to reality. She had no more use for him. She ripped his heart out and in the next instance severed his head. Jazmine was now covered in blood from head to toe. Her wolf still clawing to gain control not satisfied and demanding more blood. Jazmin looked to her right and six figures slumped over in the chairs the Alpha, the beta, third in command and their mates with their hearts ripped out. The ultimate betrayal, she helped raise the Alpha from birth, protected this pack. She has protected this pack since his great grandfather came to her many years ago. She helped establish this pack, grow this pack, and protected this pack. They were alive and strong because of her and he betrayed her because of a foolish rumor. His father and grandfathers would have been upset with him if they knew what he was up to but unfortunately his life ended in her hands. What those rumors and tales forgot to tell was that she could not be killed at most she is put unto a slumber for 50 years. That is the best that their magic can do after thousands of years. Her mate will not be happy to hear about this when he wakes up if he did not wake up already.

Jazmine has no choice but to destroy all remnants of the old bloodhound pack. As far as the world is concerned, they were destroyed by rogues and no longer exist. As Jazmin began to set fire to the pack house, she felt the pang in her head as someone was trying to breach through. The pain was getting worse which only meant that it was her mate trying to breakthrough. She had blocked her mate bond but more importantly she had blocked her aura which meant no one would know that she was here and no one not even her mate would be able to locate her. It was exhausting to block the mate bond as well as the mind link, but she only needs a few more minutes she would burn the pack house, and then destroy the invisible border surrounding the territory.  She would leave the houses around the packhouse. If there was anyone that had survived her wrath, they would consider themselves lucky and report back to whoever it was that the tales of her immortality was true and not a folklore. She cannot be killed and all those that try and kill her will face destruction. Not even the Alpha king in all his power was brave enough to cross her. To him she was a precious jewel more precious than his own daughter and wife. If it were not for the fact that she can handle her own he would always have about 20 guards protecting her.

Jazmin laughed at the thought of having guards protect her. Her eyes fiery red turning back to its natural hazel as her wolf calms down watching the pack house burn. The pain in her head becoming unbearable as her mate forces his way through the mind link. He was never a very patient man and anything involving her put him on high alert. She only had a few minutes before it became completely unbearable and he broke through. She gathered her strength and undid the territory magic. She knew by doing this all the werewolves including the werewolf king and her mate would know that the bondholders pack was destroyed. She would have to answer for that but once they knew the reason it would end there. The only problem would be her mate. Ty would not take someone trying to kill her lightly. After thousands of years, he still could not control his anger especially when it concerns her. That is why they call him the devil. The werewolves, vampires, and witches would rather deal with her than to have a conversation with her mate Ty. Jazmin smiled but in the next instance she was doubled over in pain. Her head was on fire the pain completely unbearable. He had finally broken through.  10min a new world record for him.

Jazmin what the hell” the voice came piercing through her head. She breathed a sigh of relief the pain gone but her annoyance rising. Her wolf was happy but wary at the sound of her mate’s voice. “like seriously, did you forget how much that hurts when you try to bust through” her annoyance clearly relevant.

“don’t give me that. why were you blocking me in the first place” his anger seeping through the mind link?  She felt him trying to reconnect the mate bond. She could not let him do that just yet. Not until she had answers. If he knew what was going on while she was sleeping, he would destroy all werewolves within 100-mile radius and that would not get them anywhere. She would have to ease him into this. Two heads are better than one plus she would need to better control his temper and body count.

“Jazmin, darling, love what the hell. Why are you still blocking me”?

“Sorry, I zoned out for a sec. What were we talking about”?

“where are you? Why the hell us the bloodhound pack that you were resting at no longer existent, and why are you blocking our bond? And do not give me no bs” fuck, she forgot that he knew she was resting at the bloodhound pack. This was going to get worse before it gets better.

“Ty, love dearest. How about this. We meet at the summer mansion and I will tell everything you need to know”.

“Fine, I am giving you a half an hour, or I will come hunting you down”

“okay, love” and she quickly closed the mind link.  The summerhouse was over three hours away for a regular werewolf but for Jazmin and Ty it would take them no more than an hour depending on where in the world they are. A half an hour is more than enough time for her to clean this mess up and meet him. This slumber was 10 years longer than their normal slumber and that was because she interfered in the lives of the werewolves and vampires and that blasted moon goddess was upset that she got involved. Mind you she stopped her species from getting wiped out, but the goddess was upset that she could not stop it and the measures that were put in place was worthless. So, Jazmin and Ty’s normal 50 yr. slumber was increased to 60 yr. because the Moon Goddess begged the witches to unite and extend it.

Jazmin and Ty are the first and only of their kind. They are pure bread hybrids. They are both werewolf, vampire, and witch. The only difference is that Ty is dark magic whereas Jazmin is light magic. Unlike other hybrids they are truly immortal silver, Wolfsbane, garlic, and ruby does not work on them. They are truly indestructible, and their strength and speed are better than all of them. There mate bond and power are also different on top of feeling each other’s emotion. Jazmin and Ty can tap into each other’s powers, see through each other eyes. They can sense each other no matter how far the other one is whether by emotions, directions, or mind link. On top of their regular powers they can see into the future and past, sense if a person is telling the truth, and read minds and thoughts.  Separately they are powerful but together they can wipe out a whole continent in a min. Their purpose is to maintain the balance, there are only to interfere when the Moon Goddess can no longer maintain it or when her attempts of fixing it are not working. Over the years, many of the packs will inly know them as the light and the dark. They have kept themselves hidden only those that need to know them, have seen their faces. The elders of the wolf and voice council know them well as well as the old and new vampire and werewolf kings of the South, East, North, and West. Anyone else has heard the rumors or the folktales of them.

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