The world can easily become an endless amount of regret or an endless amount of happiness. many of us look at the world and see opportunities and others look at the world and see tears, regret, and what could have been. I try to look at the word without judgement , finding the true reason for everything and the reason for why it all began and more importantly why it all happened. I believe living in this life we take for granted the word why? when kids ask the question we call it curiosity but then we tell them that it gets out of hand and say it is because it is what it is or that it happened long ago and we do not know why? Instead of nurturing that curiosity to understand more of why things were done, why this was build, or who thought of it that way. In this blog I like to ask the why questions and at times I may have the answer and other times I may not. I also plan to include some of my previous writing works as well as writings that I am working on right know.

Follow me on my journey. As I talk about hair, society, life and everything in between.