So, in my life there is one rule/life lesson that I have started to abide by. “Learning to be uncomfortable with being comfortable”. When I first learned this life lesson I was apprehensive and did not want to take it to heart. There is something to be said whenever there is something new introduced into […]

Life is a mess

So, lately I have been so caught up with school and work and just life in general. Everywhere I turn there is someone telling you to focus on mental health. Is it me or is it hard to find mental health with everything going on. There is a global pandemic and every one is stuck […]

So today, I was having a conversation with two of my nieces. One is going to be 18 and is getting ready to head to college in the fall and the other is going to be 17 and is gearing up for her senior year. Our conversation started of with us discussing which school she […]

What is consistency. Something that I have failed at horribly in terms of my own work. For example, My goal was to psoton a day to day basis and I am not doing that. I have 2 novels that I am working on and supposed to have finished last year and they are both at […]

Sorry I have been of this for awhile. Therr has been a lot of new situations going on with this pandemic. Plus I have been feeling really depressed and lonely lately. So, I have been working through this entire pandemic. Apart from the usual vacation which I didn’t really go anywhere because everything is shut […]

Day after day

Does it seem like we are living in our own little jail. These days it seams that way. The last few days I have been on a lockdown dje to the pandemic and a possible exposure. On a normal circumstance I would have no problem being home. However, there is a difference between being home […]

My Inconsistency

I do not know about anybody else but my consistency sucks. The only thing I am consistent about is going to work and that is only because I do not get paid if I do not show up. The last few days have been filled with nothing but inconsistency. From people not showing up, keeping […]

The crisis

In the wake of the crisis we are left with many unanswered questions. To those protests was it all worth it. Four people lost their lives that shouldn’t have because of one man. There decision to hop on a bus or train and storm a building and the consequences of them leaving in a body […]


Life is funny in a way. You ask to be wise but when people come to you for advice then you do not want to be bothered. You ask to be financially stable but still spend money on the things that brought you down. We ask for the wants but when the wants come many […]

New Years

Every year we start a list of things that we hope to accomplish for the new year. One of the main ones for many is to lose weight. This is why many gyms offer ridiculous discounts in the beginning. These discounts bring in a greater population of members and then by February/ march that number […]


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