My health journey

So I decided to start a health journey for the new year. Nothing too crazy

I believe that instead of setting an unrealistic goals that may or may not come true I would begin a one year, 365 training session. The training would focus on both my mental, physical,and emotional well being.

So, with the pandemic becoming a new way of living as duffrnt variants emerge every other month. Mental and emotional well being is at the upmost forefront.

So follow me on my journey. 365 days of training my mind, body, and emotions



So, in my life there is one rule/life lesson that I have started to abide by. “Learning to be uncomfortable with being comfortable”. When I first learned this life lesson I was apprehensive and did not want to take it to heart.

There is something to be said whenever there is something new introduced into a persons life. Whether this new thing is a a person, a new regime, job, or maybe a new way of loving. There is the awkward stage where you don’t know what to do.

You find yourself going back to an old way of thinking. If there is a new person in your life then there are the awkward first dates, first phone calls. If it is a new regime or diet then there is the reverting back to your old way of behaving or maybe back to the old foods that you are not supposed to have.

Depending on the situation there maybe an adjustment period and the adjustment period is dependent on the individuals willingness to change. If the willi guess to cha ge is low then the adjustment period is long or the change is canceled. If the willingness is high then the adjustment period is shorter and the change is almost instantaneous.

Which goes back to the life lesson of how comfortable the person is with being uncomfortable. An individual that is pursuing that life lesson and has chosen to adapt the life lesson. They will have a shorter adjustment period. For me, adapting to that life lesson and adapting to doffrent life changes makes it harder. As I began to adapt to being comfortable with the uncomfortable I am also adapting to the life events that are making me uncomfortable. Everyday there is a fight to go back to the old way and everyday there is a fight to stop the change. I am currently in day 3 and I feel as if I have been doing this for a month. My adoption period is slightly off as I embark on creating a new adaption period. This journey is going to be real.


Life is a mess

So, lately I have been so caught up with school and work and just life in general. Everywhere I turn there is someone telling you to focus on mental health. Is it me or is it hard to find mental health with everything going on.

There is a global pandemic and every one is stuck at home stressed out over the next big wave. Then there are those who hoped on the vaccination and are getting ready to enjoy life. however, what really is the next step. With s many people who spent the last year locked up in the house. how do we re-introduce ourselves back into society. how do we have conversations with people and catch up when they probably just went through the hardest year of their life. They may have lost a person or two or three, they may have someone right know fighting for their life. What about dating, so many of us have gotten accustomed to being anti-social or maybe we have gotten accustomed to just being in sweats that we have to know go back to dressing up and wearing heels.

The thought alone can be stressful as those working from home return to the workforce and then there is the rest of us. The ones who have been considered essential, the ones who have been working all throughout the pandemic and know can be considered burnout. The ones who have been putting themselves and their families at risk everyday that they leave the house. The ones who at this point don’t want to deal with people because they have been dealing with people all along.

how do we focus on mental health when we deal with all on these on a day to day basis. How do you say enough is enough and let your brain rest. life is truly a mess but like the old saying goes when you life gives you lemons make lemonade and we are about to make the biggest lemonade ever.


So today, I was having a conversation with two of my nieces. One is going to be 18 and is getting ready to head to college in the fall and the other is going to be 17 and is gearing up for her senior year.

Our conversation started of with us discussing which school she was going to pick and for her to start preparing her list for her college dorm. In the same instance the second one was putting her 2 cents in of things that she thinks her sister should get. The conversation then moved on to whether she thinks that she will come back home after she graduates. The one thing that they both agreed on is that they probably would not come back home. Of course, I had to ensure that they would at least visit me every once in a while. It was an interesting conversation because I was able to get both takes on where they would want to move and settle to. As well as who they hold important in their heart to come back and see. It was also a great bonding moment for us both as they are adults and there may be things that they don’t want to discuss with their parents. So, to help start that flow of conversation for them to be able to come to me and talk to me about whatever is going on in their lives is always good.


What is consistency. Something that I have failed at horribly in terms of my own work. For example, My goal was to psoton a day to day basis and I am not doing that. I have 2 novels that I am working on and supposed to have finished last year and they are both at a standstill.

Pray for me and my level of consistency


Sorry I have been of this for awhile. Therr has been a lot of new situations going on with this pandemic. Plus I have been feeling really depressed and lonely lately.

So, I have been working through this entire pandemic. Apart from the usual vacation which I didn’t really go anywhere because everything is shut down or not as normal. I have been working. Know I am not complaining about working since there Is a lot of people out there who are not. What I do have to say is the extra pressure involved in working with limited staffing and being able to have limited people in a building.

What I don’t get it. Is how certain individuals choose to be ignorant of that fact. I am tired of explaining how we are limited in staffing because of the pandemic just to hear them tell me that this is unacceptable. Like excuse me, we are trying to stay open, we have individuals that are high risk that should not be out or even working and you are upset because you have to wait in line to be helped. 😑😑😑

This untop of finding out that people I know and care about are either sick or passed away because of this thing has completely thrown me off. So, I decided to take a step back and do a mental re-check.

Don’t worry I am back on my game.


Day after day

Does it seem like we are living in our own little jail. These days it seams that way. The last few days I have been on a lockdown dje to the pandemic and a possible exposure. On a normal circumstance I would have no problem being home. However, there is a difference between being home and knowing you can leave and being home knowing you can’t. It slowly kills you mentally. Day after day staring at the same walls it feels like a prison cell created by yourself.


My Inconsistency

I do not know about anybody else but my consistency sucks. The only thing I am consistent about is going to work and that is only because I do not get paid if I do not show up. The last few days have been filled with nothing but inconsistency. From people not showing up, keeping promises, to social media post putting me back into depression. I really do not plant to be. Every day I set goals for myself on what I need to be accomplished. I make them realistic and simple as possible. I set my alarm clock and everything. Then as I start my day or even right before I go to sleep I get bad news. There are times when I am in a groove and then I get bad news. I have never been able to bounce back from the bad news. It could be something real small and simple that you should be able to bounce back from. However for me it is a no go. I find out about it, my mood changes, my motivation changes, and then it takes me another few days to get back into a groove again. I have yet to control my emotions or should I say I have controlled my outward emotions but my inward is all jacked up. This leads to a lack of motivation and then there goes my consistency.

Last year, my goal for 2020 was mental health. Getting my outward and inward inlign with each other. 2020 proved that any chance of that happening was down the drain. fast forward 2021 and my goa again is mental health and consistency. lets see how this goes.


The crisis

In the wake of the crisis we are left with many unanswered questions. To those protests was it all worth it. Four people lost their lives that shouldn’t have because of one man. There decision to hop on a bus or train and storm a building and the consequences of them leaving in a body bag. This is all due to the actions of one man. We are faced to see how our actions can lead to consequences and for many of us as leaders there are a bigger responsibility to ensure that those actions are correct.

As leaders their is a responsibility in regards to the actions you make and the words you state. There are those who will follow your ideology no matter how illogical it may seem because they believe in the leader. Being a leader has always come with great responsibility but if any of what happened haas told us that not all leaders are meant to be. Those who do not consider the lives of those who are influenced by them is reckless.



Life is funny in a way. You ask to be wise but when people come to you for advice then you do not want to be bothered. You ask to be financially stable but still spend money on the things that brought you down. We ask for the wants but when the wants come many of us are not able to handle it.

We fail to realize what a want is versus a need. We ask for the want and forget to ask for the need and when the want appears the need is still there. I have fallen into that trap many times. Asking for a want or striving to get a want and I did not satisfy my basic needs. So, when the want finally appears we struggle with our daily needs. One of the biggest resolutions/ goals that I plan to abide by is not to want for anything. To uplift myself and those around me.