So, in my life there is one rule/life lesson that I have started to abide by. “Learning to be uncomfortable with being comfortable”. When I first learned this life lesson I was apprehensive and did not want to take it to heart.

There is something to be said whenever there is something new introduced into a persons life. Whether this new thing is a a person, a new regime, job, or maybe a new way of loving. There is the awkward stage where you don’t know what to do.

You find yourself going back to an old way of thinking. If there is a new person in your life then there are the awkward first dates, first phone calls. If it is a new regime or diet then there is the reverting back to your old way of behaving or maybe back to the old foods that you are not supposed to have.

Depending on the situation there maybe an adjustment period and the adjustment period is dependent on the individuals willingness to change. If the willi guess to cha ge is low then the adjustment period is long or the change is canceled. If the willingness is high then the adjustment period is shorter and the change is almost instantaneous.

Which goes back to the life lesson of how comfortable the person is with being uncomfortable. An individual that is pursuing that life lesson and has chosen to adapt the life lesson. They will have a shorter adjustment period. For me, adapting to that life lesson and adapting to doffrent life changes makes it harder. As I began to adapt to being comfortable with the uncomfortable I am also adapting to the life events that are making me uncomfortable. Everyday there is a fight to go back to the old way and everyday there is a fight to stop the change. I am currently in day 3 and I feel as if I have been doing this for a month. My adoption period is slightly off as I embark on creating a new adaption period. This journey is going to be real.


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