Sorry I have been of this for awhile. Therr has been a lot of new situations going on with this pandemic. Plus I have been feeling really depressed and lonely lately.

So, I have been working through this entire pandemic. Apart from the usual vacation which I didn’t really go anywhere because everything is shut down or not as normal. I have been working. Know I am not complaining about working since there Is a lot of people out there who are not. What I do have to say is the extra pressure involved in working with limited staffing and being able to have limited people in a building.

What I don’t get it. Is how certain individuals choose to be ignorant of that fact. I am tired of explaining how we are limited in staffing because of the pandemic just to hear them tell me that this is unacceptable. Like excuse me, we are trying to stay open, we have individuals that are high risk that should not be out or even working and you are upset because you have to wait in line to be helped. 😑😑😑

This untop of finding out that people I know and care about are either sick or passed away because of this thing has completely thrown me off. So, I decided to take a step back and do a mental re-check.

Don’t worry I am back on my game.


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