My Inconsistency

I do not know about anybody else but my consistency sucks. The only thing I am consistent about is going to work and that is only because I do not get paid if I do not show up. The last few days have been filled with nothing but inconsistency. From people not showing up, keeping promises, to social media post putting me back into depression. I really do not plant to be. Every day I set goals for myself on what I need to be accomplished. I make them realistic and simple as possible. I set my alarm clock and everything. Then as I start my day or even right before I go to sleep I get bad news. There are times when I am in a groove and then I get bad news. I have never been able to bounce back from the bad news. It could be something real small and simple that you should be able to bounce back from. However for me it is a no go. I find out about it, my mood changes, my motivation changes, and then it takes me another few days to get back into a groove again. I have yet to control my emotions or should I say I have controlled my outward emotions but my inward is all jacked up. This leads to a lack of motivation and then there goes my consistency.

Last year, my goal for 2020 was mental health. Getting my outward and inward inlign with each other. 2020 proved that any chance of that happening was down the drain. fast forward 2021 and my goa again is mental health and consistency. lets see how this goes.


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