The crisis

In the wake of the crisis we are left with many unanswered questions. To those protests was it all worth it. Four people lost their lives that shouldn’t have because of one man. There decision to hop on a bus or train and storm a building and the consequences of them leaving in a body bag. This is all due to the actions of one man. We are faced to see how our actions can lead to consequences and for many of us as leaders there are a bigger responsibility to ensure that those actions are correct.

As leaders their is a responsibility in regards to the actions you make and the words you state. There are those who will follow your ideology no matter how illogical it may seem because they believe in the leader. Being a leader has always come with great responsibility but if any of what happened haas told us that not all leaders are meant to be. Those who do not consider the lives of those who are influenced by them is reckless.


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